The perfect combination


Still on the hunt for the perfect end seal?

In chambered doctor blades, both the end seals and the blades themselves wear down. The interplay between these two components plays a vital role in ensuring smooth and even colour application throughout the printing process.

The MDC doctor blade and MDC end seal by Daetwyler SwissTec offer the same service life. The MDC Regular, MDC Advanced and MDC Expert trio will help you navigate the world of end seals.


Make end seal confusion a thing of the past


There are too many copies on the market which causes headache many of the users. If the shape of an end seal is copied incorrectly, the wrong copy soon gets copied again until nothing remains of the original. Not with MDC end seals! The ingenious concept from Daetwyler SwissTec helps save the time you spend looking for the right end seal to a minimum. It’s quick and easy – we offer you the perfect end seal based on the type of machine you have. Stop wasting time on copies of copies – buy the MDC end seal original!

Let your SwissTec adviser know your machine type and the diameter of the anilox rollers you use

Select the material grade you require (as well as your MDC blade)

We will give you the perfect MDC end seal for the perfect print result

The complete portfolio
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Daetwyler SwissTec is the global market leader in manufacturing precision blades. Its coated and uncoated MDC blades offer unparalleled quality and efficiency! Find the full range for your printroom.